Posted by: thekonofman | October 19, 2009

New UxTheme Patcher for Windows XP SP3

There is a new UxTheme Patcher out for Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Posted by: thekonofman | April 3, 2009

New Minimalist Desktop

Well, it was about time for a new desktop configuration, so I decided to go with the minimalist look.


I’m using:

Enigma rainmeter configurations
HUD.Vision rainmeter configuration
The dock icons are Reflections by styrizo
A modified Dark Wood wallpaper
CD Art Display
Square One: CD Art Display skin
Windowblinds with Novum OS skin

Posted by: thekonofman | September 25, 2008

thekonofman items…

Add the “shortcuts” item at the bottom of the new post page in order to be able to do a “quick post”


Great Games:


Anarcy Online:

Posted by: thekonofman | September 8, 2008

Here we GO!

Let’s answer the question, “How to make my computer screen look impressive right off the bat…”  The wallpaper.  I’ve posted below a set of links to many amazing wallpapers that are so impressive that people just want to say “Dear God!” on the spot.

petercui’s Travel Series

Well, that’s all for today… I don’t feel like listing any more… 🙂  If you want to check out some more wallpapers from *petercui, visit deviantART (

Have fun!

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Well, since I’ve just been rambling, it’s time to put a purpose to this game.  I’m now gonna start about how to customize mac os x and windows.

I’m gonna try to post weekly, so be on the lookout.  I promise to make this the most readily available, free, and easy to use site on the net.

Posted by: thekonofman | July 21, 2008

… Been Busy …

Hey all,

This has definitely been the busiest summer that I’ve ever experienced… and school is starting back in a little over two weeks.

Oh well…

Posted by: thekonofman | June 1, 2008

Summer Plans

So… I have kind of narrowed down what I want to accomplish this summer, along with what I am required to do for school.  For the sake of organization, I will just number them:

1. summer reading
2. learning Python
3. training hard for swimming
4. learning a few more pieces of music for the violin
5. becoming more proficient at photoshop

All of the above is more than enough to keep me occupied this summer…  Actually, it might be too much. But, at least summer is finally here!

Posted by: thekonofman | May 27, 2008

Major off-topic post

So, I just finished the Alg II exam and I thought it was a lot harder than  it should have been.  What’s the point in making an exam so hard?  The entire year was difficult, because there was just so much curriculum, and then one has to take an exam that not only is difficult in and of itself, it’s just stupid…

You know, it might be worth working this summer, some extra cash would be very useful right now.  There are many expenses that I need to deal out some money for, one of which is a new laptop… thinking about a macbook pro… dunno, they’re so overpriced.

I just got an email from a school counselor stating that my schedule for next year is not going to work…  it reads as follows
“…Your schedule for the upcoming year has some classes that are not
working at this time…”
…what? The email makes no sense at all… I’ll end up having to go talk to that counselor to settle the issues.  (stupid…)

I recently made some new additions to my deviantART account.  And, I decided to revisit my decknique account. I’d forgotten how great card flourishing was…

Posted by: thekonofman | May 21, 2008

Zero Tolerance for School

You know, I have been debating for some time how effective teachers are at teaching people the “ways of the world.”  For example, teachers that are always telling you to shut up do not necessarily have your best interests in mind… they certainly do not have any reason for teaching other than “helping students” and “getting a paycheck” …whatever…

So, why am I criticizing teachers?  I’ll tell you: because I haven’t really learned anything this year in 4 of my classes and the other two I’ve only learned because the first one is a language class and the other one is Algebra II… Boring.

…and because it’s the last week of school and teachers insist on shoving a bunch of crap down your throat that they call “review”…

I’m praying right now, don’t interrupt: “God, please let summer show it’s pretty face because otherwise I’m going to throw some sort of sharp object down all of my teachers’ throats (except for Mr. K because he is going to keep me away because of his utterly annoying and depressing, jaw smacking, disinterested gum chewing techniques)”


Posted by: thekonofman | May 21, 2008

Civics Final Review Packet

The review packet is finally here.  It took me a little longer than I wanted to, but whatever.  Just follow the link below and it will redirect you to a website.  Click the “download” button and you should get a prompt to download a .doc file.  That is the review guide.  I made it general so Mr. K shouldn’t see the similarities between my packet and the one downloaded.  My only requirement is that you click on the title of this post and write me a comment.  That way I will know how many people actually downloaded this.


Posted by: thekonofman | May 17, 2008

Real Life Halo?

A robotic suit that amplifies human strength?  Sounds like halo, doesn’t it?  Well… check out the link below, it’s really interesting how all the things of “science fiction” are coming to existence in current times.  It shows just how fast our technology is improving, doesn’t it?


Posted by: thekonofman | May 15, 2008

Robot Conductor?

CNN article:

A robot, named ASIMO, built and designed by Honda conducted the Detroit Symphony… perfectly. Read the full article and watch the video. Really interesting.


Posted by: thekonofman | May 15, 2008

C’Etait un Rendez-Vous…

EnThis video was first introduced to me in French II and I absolutely loved it.

This 9 minute clip shows a Ferrari (actually it is a Mercedes S class, but the car was dub over with a Ferrari engine noise.. LOL) tearing through central Paris. Supposedly the driver managed a top speed of around 120 miles per hour through Champs-Elysées which is pretty impressive. This was taken from a French movie called, C’était un rendez-vous. It was done in the 1970s so that explains why the driver didn’t stopped ones. Also, this clip was used in the latest Snow Patrol video, Open Your Eyes. Anyway.. enjoy the 9 minute clip” (springyman1)

Enjoy 🙂


Posted by: thekonofman | May 13, 2008

Civics Review…

For all of those that have Mr. K for a civics teacher, I will be posting the review packet soon… but don’t just not do it thinking that you can just take mine. I don’t really want to just be posting answers; the whole point of the packet is to help you on the test: simply copying it won’t help your grade at all. Look for the link announcement sometime in the near future…

In addition, I will soon add a “downloads” page where people can download the civics review packet, pictures, music, etc…

Posted by: thekonofman | May 12, 2008


Exams are certainly not a very good thing right now… teachers have decided to cram. I just don’t understand why it is that teachers teach for an hour and a half and then feel the need to, each, assign at least an hour of homework every night (hint, hint, for all in English 205, the research paper is just ridiculous). This just completely infuriating because there should be some kind of planning that would prevent any and all last minute rushes at the end of each semester… must do something about this.

But, on the good side, the python stuff is going very well. Still am not having nearly enough time to play around with it, but, as Kurt Vonnegut says in his book, Slaughterhouse 5, “so it goes…”

Posted by: thekonofman | May 10, 2008

New Decision

So… I have recently become slightly bored online, which should never happen, so I have decided to learn Python this summer. Although I have some experience with computer languages (you can never have truly enough experience) Python will be my first real language. I have recently looked over the Python website (see links in footer) and have found out just how powerful Python is; it would be a very useful thing to know. Please comment if you have any suggestions on what to do first… some advice was given to me: decide on a project and then decide on how to get there.

Please visit and view some of the artwork there… also, please enjoy all of deviantART.